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In any bedroom, the centre of attraction is usually the bed frame. Due to its prominence, it determines the character of the room. Whenever you want to change the design of your bedroom, you must carefully consider whether it will match with your current bed frame or whether you will have to chan...

Buy Bed Frames Online with Free Next Day Delivery

In any bedroom, the centre of attraction is usually the bed frame. Due to its prominence, it determines the character of the room. Whenever you want to change the design of your bedroom, you must carefully consider whether it will match with your current bed frame or whether you will have to change the bed frame. However, there are a few other factors that come into play such as the choice of materials, colours and the overall style you of your preference. Each of there factors has to be well matched to achieve a harmonious look.

If you are in the market for a new bed frame, there are so many options to choose from that you may need expert assistance. Should you however have a good idea about the specific bed frame you are looking for, then you will have an easy time making your selection. If you are yet to come to a conclusive decision there are a number of considerations that can help in decision making.

Bed frame designs

Based on your chosen bedroom decor, you will decide on the bed frame design. Depending on your preference you can go for a classic, elegant, fantasy or even a modern design among others.

In case you fancy a modern bedroom, you will find many contemporary designs that will meet your taste. The design should also be able to accommodate the mattress of your choice to give you a complete sleeping experience. As you choose the bed frame, it is advisable to have the mattress dimensions with you to ensure they match perfectly.

Bed Frame Material

Most bed frames are either made of leather,metal or wood. But the two materials have so many variations to choose from. If you were to go for a wooden bed frame, there are many types and varieties of wood you can go for such as softwoods like Pine beds or hardwood varieties such as Oak beds. In addition, the same type of wood can have different shades of colours offering you even more choice.

On the other hand metal is a very good material to work with if you prefer something creative. The bed frame can easily be customised to suit your taste. Apart from the two materials, you also have an opportunity of selecting sustainable materials if you truly care about the environment.

Bed frames come in all types of themes as well. Most children love living in a fantasy world, then you can order a customised novelty bed frame. One of the most striking examples is a bed in the form of a pirate ship!

Strength and type of bed

With so many beds types to choose from, your choice will no doubt be determined by how you intend to use the bed. If you are looking for a children’s bed in a house with limited space you will certainly opt for a bunk bed. Another key consideration is the strength and durability of the bed. The strength of a bed is determined by the firmness of its joints.

When shopping for a bed frame, you need to confirm that it has strong joints that can withstand regular use for a long time. However if you are not living in your own house, it is likely that you may move houses in future. If that is the case, then you need to look for beds that can be dismantled for easy transportation. It should also be easy to reassemble such a bed.

When shopping for bed frames, the budget available has an influence on the type of bed you settle for. With some bed frame types going for a substantial amount of money, it may curtail your preferred bed. Luckily for you, our extensive online store has a huge variety of bed frames at affordable prices. We are able to offer you the best prices in the market because we purchase directly from the manufacturers and retail to you without any middleman in between. We have therefore chosen to pass on the price advantages to you.

Bed buying considerations

It is interesting to note that people place more importance to shopping for a phone or a Television set than they do to shopping for a bed. This is curious because the bed happens to be more important that entertainment gadgets.

A good bed guarantees good sleep which is essential for a person’s development and well being. If you hope to perform well at work, having good sleep is important for keeping your mind sharp and focused.

When choosing a bed there are many factors that will affect your decision. They include:

The bed type – There are many bed types available. Although it is a good idea to choose a bed that matches your personal preferences, there are other practical considerations that come into play.

If you live in a small house, you may want to go for a storage bed to allow you maximize on the utilization of space. If on the other hand you are looking for a bed to be used as a guest bed for the occasional visitor, you do not have to spend a fortune.

There is such a wide range of bet types to choose from including Ottoman beds, Leather beds, Sofa beds, Bunk beds, Metal beds and TV beds among others.

Available budget – The amount of money you have set a side will influence the type of bed you purchase. If you are looking for a wooden bed you will come across different qualities. There are some cheap wooden beds made from softwood all the way to really expensive beds made from high quality hardwood.

Some beds are sold in complete packages that include high quality mattresses and other bed accessories hence their expensive prices. With a bed being a durable item, you should be prepared to spend a substantial amount to get a quality bed that will last for years.

Your bedroom décor – If you are particular about your bedroom style, you no doubt need to buy a bed that matches or complements your bedroom furniture. The style and colour of the bed you choose will go a long way in creating the décor you desire.

Your comfort – The bed happens to be the one place where you spend roughly a third of your time. With that in mind, you need a bed that you will totally relax you after a hectic day at work.

The function of the bed – When you are looking for a bed, it has to be good enough to serve the purpose you are buying it for. If you have two children that you want to accommodate in the same room, a bunk bed is the ideal choice for you. If on the other hand you are running a guest house or hotel, you need to buy a very strong and durable guest bed with a contract mattress to withstand heavy use.

Ease of movement – In case your job requires you to move to different cities occasionally, you need a bed that you can pull apart and reassemble easily without compromising its stability. This is a key consideration because with apartments increasingly being built with less space, you have to disassemble the bed if it has to fit the available space during the move.

Shopping for a bed does not have to be a difficult process, you can choose to go to the high street and sample the numerous beds available, then visit our online store to make your purchase.


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